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The Buyers Walk-Through & Acceptance Form is a simple one page form, however it’s very important to have completed and signed by all parties & the entire transaction for a complete successful closing. This form, I highly recommend to have singed immediately after the final walk through and or at the closing table.

Section 1 is the first notice to the buyer which states that the seller will be turning the property over to the buyer in the condition in which they’ve agreed upon, in the contract less any normal wear and tear. That the property was inspected and or if the buyer elected to not inspect the property. This also advises that the properties condition should be verified as noted in the contract. If you are asking yourself “where is this stated at”? If you look at the original contract in Paragraph 7.D.(2) and or if done later in the amendment which is often referred to as a repair amendment, which occurs as negotiations during the option period.

Part B — “Before Closing Walk-Through” is a simple check box for either (1) or (2) which is stating the buyer has walked through and reviewed the property condition before closing on a given day, or if they elected to to have a walk-through done. If for some reason there is an issue with the property and there is something that isn’t right, you should not sign this form and discuss your options with your agent. If there were repairs that were agreed upon that weren’t done, there is an issue and it needs to be resolved before you head to closing.

That’s all there is to the Buyer’s Walk-Through and Acceptance Form. This form is very important and holds great Power for protection to the home buyer & buyers agent. By notifying and reminding the buyer that they should inspect the property and getting it in writing as to whether they did or not, this form helps provide some protections should issues arise after closing from minor items to a broken lock to a major water leak, there are many items that could come up.

Again, we always encourage a Home Inspection as well as urge everyone to do a Buyers Final Walk through at all times, if there are any additional questions you have in regards to this please contact us, were always here to help & educate as much as possible.

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Joseph Garcia

Joseph Garcia is a proud native Texan, born in Lubbock, raised in San Antonio and loving Dallas. Everyday Joseph uses his more than 16 years experience in the Real Estate industry to help better serve his clients. Joseph started his career in Property Management, Apartment Locating, and Leasing, then quickly transitioned into becoming a full-time residential agent in 2007. Today, Joseph continues to focus on Residential sales and with his broad knowledge base can even assist his clients with Commercial deals.

Joseph is dedicated to helping individuals and families find their dream home and more importantly, the lifestyle they desire! What clients love about Joseph the most is his passion for life and​ ​outgoing personality. When it comes to marketing and selling homes "JoJo Sells" uses the power of Social Media to move homes quickly.

​Joseph also prides himself in making sure each deal gets to the closing table​ no matter how difficult the deal is​. He also goes above and beyond to ensure his clients find the perfect home match whether it's personal or investment. Joseph's extensive network of Real Estate professionals in Sales, Leasing, Lending, Home Inspection, Home Repair and Title make every transaction as seamless as possible.

Joseph carries the distinguished Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) Designation from the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing and a Global Elite Certification which provides access to a Global Real Estate Network.

Joseph completed the Metrotex Leadership Academy class of 24 and immediately after served as a ROC to mentor the Medical / Sports day of class 25. In 2015 he partnered with 5 other individuals to create and serve as the Marketing Chair for the Non-Profit Gay And Lesbian Organization of Real Estate (GALORE) to address unique Real Estate issues facing the Gay and Lesbian community. Joseph is also a member of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP), as well as Young Professionals Network (YPN) & Metrotex Leadership Alumni.

He currently services as the Sales Director in the VIVO Uptown office and every day shares his vast Real Estate experience by coaching and mentoring new agents. When you're working with Joseph, you're working with not only a fun agent, but one of the best!

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